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Affinity Clubs

All students are encouraged to learn and celebrate the wide-variety of cultural, ethnic, and identity diversity present at Ƶ. Enhancing the richness of cultural diversity through student clubs and organizations is the cornerstone of a multicultural college experience outside of the classroom. These clubs and organizations allow for students to engage with others around shared interests and identities. The Office of Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs works closely with these clubs and organizations to provide support and leadership development. 

A club fair each fall allows students the chance to join any of the established affinity clubs and organizations, but students may form new clubs according to their interests. Students can visit each group's  page to find out more information on joining.

Ƶ United

Ƶ United, under the direction of the Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs office, represents the different multicultural, affinity, and special-interest groups at Ƶ University. This body is comprised of members from the different clubs that meet monthly to provide support and leadership development of members to appreciate their own background, interests, values, and beliefs as well as the diverse background of other student groups. In addition, Ƶ United works collaboratively with members to sponsor cultural events for underrepresented students.

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